Susan: I Do Not Like The Dark


Normal Susan

Susan is smart as a whip and would prefer to be left to her own devices. However, in spite of her shy reluctance, Susan has found herself in the unlikely role of “leader” of the Tiny Nightmares. There is something very dark lurking within this sweet-looking girl, and the rest of the team senses it. Whether they follow out of fear or respect, Susan is the glue that holds the tiny team together.


Nightmare Susan

Susan is able to project a powerful aura of blinding energy that effectively eliminates ALL monsters within range of its blast. Susan also has a “second sight” which allows her to “see” upcoming events before they happen. Although her powers are formidable, they require an enormous amount of energy and focus to use. As a result, Susan must rest after each use.

Susan is afraid of the dark. She fears that the darkness will swallow her up and she would disappear . . . forever!
— Rose