Hottie: Cute Little Hot Head


Normal Hottie

Hottie is a stubborn, little dragon with a short attention span and an even shorter fuse. Hottie’s most remarkable quality is her fierce loyalty to the rest of her teammates…especially Susan. Hottie has a secret that she keeps from the rest of the team…Hottie has the “hots” for Jonathan.


Nightmare Hottie

Hottie is extremely powerful and uses her magic fire-breath to engulf and dissipate any evil nightmare that is unlucky enough to get too close! Once entrapped in magic flame, a nightmare is banished…forever. Hottie’s thick, scaly skin serves as magical armor, protecting her from spells and other forms of attack.

That sure is some crazy-hot fire that Hottie breathes. But, offer her a glass of water and, she’ll head for the hills. Water is her nemesis – it extinguishes her power.
— Boo