Bottomless Pit

Spike is grouchy because he’s always hungry. He helps the Tiny Nightmares by eating through anything in their path, but he’s often misunderstood because he can’t speak. Spike can open his mouth 100 times his own size and has thousands of sharp teeth. His best friend is Boo and his secret fear is guacamole.

Normal State

Spike is the ultimate loner. He tends to be extremely moody if not just outright grouchy. Of course, there are also his destructive tendencies and habit of chewing on everything. These odd behaviors make Spike a hard one to get to know. In fact, Spike’s only real friend is Boo.

Nightmare State

Spike has a very simple method for eliminating monsters…he eats them! With thousands of razor-sharp teeth and a bottomless stomach, Spike is a true nightmare-eating machine. Although, once Spike starts eating, it’s hard to make him stop. In fact, if it weren’t for Boo’s calming influence, Spike could become a nightmare himself.

The only place you might be safe from Spike is at a party with lots and lots of guacamole. He can’t stand the green stuff. Any attempt to feed it to him would cost you an arm . . . or worse!
— Bones