It's All About Me!

Rose hangs out with the other Tiny Nightmares when it suits her. Because Rose is so selfish, she has no friends but her sister Susan. She loves to take things apart, especially nightmares. Her secret fear is needles.

Normal State

Rose is a self-centered mercenary. She is loyal to no one but herself and only hangs out with the Tiny Nightmares to combat boredom. Rose will, quite literally, “lend a hand” only when it serves her interests. Rose’s one real “friend” is Susan…but that’s probably because they’re sisters.

Nightmare State

Rose is actually a voodoo doll, which gives her great powers to use against nightmares. If she lures you into making eye contact, you instantly become her puppet and must obey her every command. If Rose detaches her hand…your hand will come off too! But, while Rose can piece herself back together again…you cannot!

You’d think that being a voodoo doll, and all, that Rose would be okay with needles . . . but you’d be WRONG!
— Hottie