I Know How You Feel

Jonathan is a very sophisticated know-it-all, but he’s not smart enough to know that Hottie wants to be his girlfriend. Jonathan’s keen senses help him alert the Tiny Nightmares to nearby dangers, and he’s very good at fighting blood-sucking nightmares. His best friend is Susan and his secret fear is dentists.

Normal State

Jonathan is a mischievous, little nightmare who likes to play jokes on his teammates. Wise beyond his years, Jonathan has an uncanny knack for perceiving the feelings of those around him. Jonathan’s role on the team is that of a Healer.

Nightmare State

Jonathan excels at repelling vampires and blood suckers. His keen senses also alert him to imminent danger, allowing Jonathan to serve as the “watchdog” for the rest of the Tiny Nightmares..

Jonathan is afraid of dentists . . . he hates the dentist’s drill AND the smell of burning teeth!
— Bones