The Tiniest Nightmare

Boo is the youngest of the Tiny Nightmares. He likes to make friends, but is very trusting and easily fooled, which can get him into trouble. Boo can turn completely invisible, which helps him fight nightmares. His best friend is Spike and his secret fear is loneliness.

Normal State

Boo is too easy to see through, it is part of his transparent nature. He believes all he is told, even if it comes from Rose or Bones. Because he is constantly looking for the approval, Boo is willing to be the end of the jokes…as long as it means he will never be alone. His worst fear is to be left alone in this great big world.

Nightmare State

Boo’s greatest power is his ability to understand Spike and keep him in control.  The rest of the group knows this is all too important, because, as a team, Boo and Spike can handle almost anything that goes bump in the night.

He’s true blue...and see-through!
— Jonathan